3 Critical Dating Mistakes Men Make

3 critical dating mistakes men make by Faisal Khokhar

1) He either acts like a tough guy or the opposite, the creepy people pleaser guy. Both are driven by a place of neediness.

2) He displays no confidence or emotional strength to lead himself and her, especially sexually. She feels his weak masculine presence, which stops her from trusting him and opening up.

3) He regularly engages in boring logical conversations that dries up quickly. She experiences this too often with the men she meets or dates. She’s bored. Don’t be average, dude!

The majority of the men do one if not all three of the above things regularly, and are stuck in this pattern.

When she becomes flaky or ghosts you, you’ve probably turned her off somehow. Of course, there could be other stuff going on in her world that can cause this and not necessarily your fault.

But let’s talk about the stuff we can control and take ownership of. Our own behaviour!

I know this all too well as I suffered from the above. Overtime and working with a professional, I began removing the layers and started seeing positive results, as well as in many of the men I have worked with.

If I or they hadn’t committed to doing the inner work, we knew we would be turning off women forever. Who wants to keep living like this? Not us!

Gents don’t get me wrong, women display these too, it can be far more subtle. The difference is, if there is sexual attraction, it’s usually not a deal-breaker for men.

Desirable women are constantly sounded by these unattractive men. When she meets you, she is hoping you are not another average chump, “be different” she is hoping.

Stand out from the crowd by banishing these flaws. You don’t have to be perfect, your behaviour just has to be above the average guy, and this is easily done. Trust me, a lot of women tell me most men do not make enough effort.

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