7 Valentine’s Day Tips For Singles On A Night Out

7 Valentine’s Day Tips For Singles On A Night Out⠀

1) Set the intention to have a fun night.⠀

2) Make an effort to dress well and don’t forget to wear your smile. ⠀

3) Get out of your head and into the grove of the night. Soak in the atmosphere, music, vibe and stay present. You can do this by taking moments out for a few seconds to breath.

4) Don’t be outcome-focused, instead focus on effort. The effort to say within the intention, to stay present, and have mega fun.⠀

5) Meet and connect to individuals with fun, exciting and memorable conversations. Bring energy and zest to your words.⠀

6) Never put the girl you like on a pedestal. Switch your thinking from will she like me to will I like her. ⠀

7) Think abundance. As soon as you remove the needy/desperate energy, you are marked as “non-creepy” by her. This will allow you to be more accessible, and she’ll receive you well.⠀

Have an awesome night, see you on the dance floor tonight!⠀