Common Fear That Stops You Dating

The common FEAR I keep hearing amongst men and women that stops them dating.⠀

He is running a limiting belief that she’ll reject me. She is running a limiting belief that he’ll hurt me.⠀

Next time you meet someone, being sympathetic to what they may be believing and causing them to hurt will allow you to be more patient.⠀

Understandably this avoidance is also keeping them stagnant, none committal and full of excuses. ⠀

I’m too busy to date right.⠀
I want to focus on my career/business right now.⠀
I can’t find the right partner.⠀
Dating apps are a problem.⠀
I prefer being single.⠀

Yet deep down, they cannot ignore the yearning to be with someone; that’s why they are unsettled. How long will you ignore the pebble in the shoe?⠀

Shift to; whatever happens, I’ve got this.⠀