He keeps getting rejected and he doesn’t know why

Imagine you keep approaching but are getting rejected time after time and you don’t know exactly why.

We’ve all been there and one client I am coaching couldn’t seem to shift this until recently. What was happening was that he was able to connect to girls, but was unable to fire up her attraction enough where she was interested in him. 

He is young, good looking, has a great job, speaks well, he’s funny and cocky in a playful way.  In addition to all this he’s confident enough to go up to girls and start conversations!

But he was still getting rejected most of the time and when he did get somewhere it was down to the law of numbers rather than his ability. 

Ultimately you want your outcomes to be consistent. If they are not, this means there is a fundamental flaw in your strategy and the way you are showing up.

Anyone good at their craft will have a short variance range in their results. You are not going to trust a surgeon who cannot show a great track record or get on a plane knowing an airline keeps losing their planes over the sea are you?

Well, women are the same when it comes to trusting a man. She wants to know that your confidence and charisma isn’t just a performance, and that it is actually real and consistent.

Most women, especially those in their feminine energy are highly receptive to your body language, words, and your intention. She knows why you are talking to her and has already worked out a million things about you unconsciously.

The needier and insecure a woman is, the more she’ll let her standards slide. However desirable and attractive women are hard to get close to by the untrained man as competition is fierce for her attention. 

Here is the problem many men and my client was having. Even though he had all the attributes to be highly successful, he was missing an key ingredient that is essential with very attractive women. Not only did he need to be confident and charismatic, he also needed to be genuinely unapologetic. 

If a man cannot show up and show high standards, he blends in with the rest of the needy guys that are after her. 

By being unapologetic, a man is able to polarise her easily. A man who cannot polarise a woman cannot evoke her attraction. Nice guys cannot polarise women but can learn how to do this genuinely and ethically with the right training.

Top Tip

The big tip I give men is don’t be afraid to voice your opinion. She can still disagree with and respect a man. Women respect men least who’ll say anything to please her.

If you have any questions or need any help, I’m here to help you overcome this.