He Leads. She Follows.

I remember my Salsa teacher instructing the class. “Men, you will lead and make sure you lead with conviction and certainty. Ladies you will follow. If the man is to make a mistake, which he will, at some point, smile and wait patiently for him to regain his stance.“⠀

It was a great reminder for both to remain patient and stay in our lane.⠀

Lead and follow are principles set by mother nature for sexual attraction. This is why watching couples dancing is seductive as well as enticing to participate. It titillates our senses.⠀

If both lead or both followed, the power struggle wouldn’t be majestic to watch.⠀

If you want to create electric sexual attraction and tension, the masculine energy always leads, the feminine energy always follows. This applies to same-sex couples, too; this is energy-based, not gender-based.⠀

Just remember that ‘to follow’ isn’t a place of weakness. The girl can choose or reject a partner she wishes to follow just as the man can choose who to lead.⠀

The choice is the ultimate power.⠀

Polarity is the ultimate attraction.⠀

Let’s dance.⠀

Just like magnets, the north and south pole attract each other. Same applies to the masculine, and feminine energy. Flip one; they will repel. ⠀

If you as a man turn up on a date more in your feminine energy, she is unlikely to be attracted to you.⠀

Most women eventually leave or cheat on men who are unable to lead her emotionally and energetically. She is left feeling unsafe by his lack of direction.⠀

I help men regain their confidence to lead, send me a message, and I’ll show you a move or two?⠀

See you on the dance floor.⠀

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