I have this rule which turned her on

Attraction is such a powerful force and yet, it still gets me even though I have done this work for a long time. 

I remember when I wanted to get good with women, I went through the usual route most men go through. The pickup artist one (PUA). 

It’s appealing and seems easy, and don’t get me wrong, it has valuable lessons that are integral to get good with any great encounter. But it doesn’t go far enough because there will be times you’ll need intimacy and relationship skills. Pickup doesn’t cover this.

For example, when I started off and I was working with my coach, he told me that I was an avoidant. What does that mean I asked?  

He said you love the idea of falling in love more than actually being in love. That after a while, you get bored with the relationship and then need another rush, another chase, to pick-up another girl. 

I said asked him something stupid, “what’s wrong with that?”

He calmly looked at me, said “nothing is wrong with it. There are many people walking around life carrying a bucket with holes in it.” 

That was the end of the coaching session and he left me with that thought. What do you think of his point?

Now when I meet women, the ones I am I attracted to, I let my foundation work do the hard work rather than my pickup stuff. Why? Women are so smart, they read so much between the lines.

I was on Bumble a few days ago and talking to this sexy high flying woman, very successful in her life. It was approaching 10pm and that is my cut off time for no phone use time apart from calls.

As we were texting, I told her this and she texts back saying “I hate rules like that. I couldn’t have these types of rules. I am a free spirit.”

I replied “I understand. Have a great night and speak tomorrow. Good night.”

I do understand her world, her feminine energy likes no restrictions. But my masculine energy is purposeful. I have my rule and it’s not up for negotiation unless there are extenuating circumstances.

So what do you think happened after a few days of us interacting? She said, “even though I hate your stupid rule, it’s sexy.”

Here are two of many reasons why she said it’s sexy.

  1. It’s polarising, you love it or hate it.
  2. The average chump she meets doesn’t have the everyday discipline (masculine energy) so it’s refreshing for her to meet men like this.

Remember, work on yourself and let that communicate your high status which is more seductive and sexy than any technique.

It takes time to build habits, discipline and masculine energy. Ego wants it now, but you cannot rush what you want to last forever.

I lacked discipline very much, luckily I had a coach to help me with this. Now I have added simple habit building this to my training to help men.

The training isn’t for most, it’s only for 1% of men who want to boost their masculine energy and become a natural attractor to women. You also become more emotionally stable and start enjoying life.

If you are looking for quick wins, I’m not the right coach for you. Most men come to me after they’ve done all the pickup stuff because they still don’t feel happy and they don’t work long term.
If you are ready for solid and powerful masculine work, checkout masculine.co/tribe

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