Masculine and Feminine Energy

They say men are from Mars and women are from Venus. There can be a huge difference between men and women causing a lot of unnecessary frustrations, anger and divide. The good news is that with few key insights you can really make the positive changes to a deep lasting relationships.

We all possess both Masculine and Feminine energies. These energies play a huge part in how we show up in the world, our relationships and work. When this energy is misaligned from our natural essence – as a result of social expectations in your home/work environment, trauma, past relationship experiences, coping mechanisms and so on – it can cause unnecessary stress, distance and disconnection.

I’ll go through the fundamental differences between men and women in our biology, psychology and energy. You’ll get answers to questions you’ve always wanted answered: Why are men more work focused and seem to care less about relationships. Why are women better at certain tasks than men and vice versa? Why are men quiet and women talk so much?

I will also look at how the masculine and feminine energies impact your work-life balance, what causes stress and anxiety and how you can reduce these modern day symptoms by making your first mindset shifts.

There is a dual energy inside of all of us, regardless of our colour, race, gender or size.


In Chinese philosophy, yin and yang is a concept of dualism in ancient Chinese philosophy, describing how seemingly opposite or contrary forces may actually be complementary, interconnected, and interdependent in the natural world, and how they may give rise to each other as they interrelate to one another.

Each human has both energies: Yin (feminine) and Yang (masculine). Most men have greater masculine energy and most women have greater feminine energy. This is known as our natural essence.

Just as there is hot and cold, fast and slow, light and dar, sweet and sour, old and young, we have masculine and feminine. This is known as polority.



The Masculine is the Pole; erect, solid, grounded, supportive, protective, never-changing, purposeful, strong, assertive, confident.

The Feminine is the Flag; flowing, alive, ever-changing, moving, softness, radiant, beauty, sensual, creative, patience.


Just as battery needs the positive and negative to work, for passion to thrive, sexual polarity is required between masculine and the feminine energies.

Your choice words carry energy, along with the tone and pace. These will either increase or diminish the passion to eventually create repulsion.

Directive language is masculine charged, “Do this, do that” where as the feminine is non directive inviting language “I feel, would you be more…”

Look back at your text messages to your lover get an idea of your language energy.

P.S. to understand more on language, pace and tone, check out one of my events or ask me about my mentoring sessions.


The masculine hurts when lost.

The feminine hurts when disconnected.

We all hurt, different energies hurt in different ways in a person (man or woman).


The masculine prioritises seeking freedom.

The feminine prioritises seeking connection.

For the masculine, unless you discover your deep purpose and live it fully, your life will feel empty at its core. Even if you have everything you want, the money, the career, the business and the loving family… it will never feel right.

For the feminine, you can be the president running the country, but unless love is running at your deepest level, you will remain unfulfilled as your deepest yearning is empty.

We humans, regardless of our gender, colour or race, are equally capable of achieving anything that the modern world requires of us. Men look after children and women run businesses.

Equality is key. I am 100% committed to it. I’ve had first hand experience of being held back because of the colour of my skin.

Connecting back to natural essence is essential for our wellbeing.

And has nothing to do with gender inequality.

In fact, they are encouraging of equality at their very core.

These energies play a huge role in how we show up in the world, our relationships and careers. When we are misaligned from our natural essence (usually as a result of social expectations in your home and work environment, trauma, past relationship experiences, coping mechanisms and so on) it can cause unnecessary stress, distance and disconnection.

This results in health issues such as anxiety, stress and overthinking, which leaves us feeling stuck, unable to see a way forward and ultimately TRAPPED.


When the masculine is lost, the feminine brings life energy, love and colour.

When the feminine is lost, the masculine brings insight, perspective and humour.

Nature has pretty much all the answers when it comes to problem solving.

Birds have shown us how to fly and the sun can power an electric car from 149.6 million km away.

If you’re lost, a GPS system on your mobile is never far away to save the day.

When we feel internally lost, it can really grip us. Productivity becomes low to non-existent and we find ourselves with a hopeless attitude to life. Our mood can be best described by a sad violin.

When it comes to finding your emotional bearing, the masculine and feminine energy knows precisely how to navigate. They’ve been doing it since the dawn of creation. After all, everything is energy.

Whether it’s two women, two men or a man and woman, when complimenting energies collide, they unite to create a tower of strength.

But if two energies are the same, the tower is going to look more like a demolition site.

Knowing how to access and use your masculine and feminine energy in a variety of situations is essential to the effectiveness of your outcome.


Too much estrogen in a man can cause him to feel stressed.

Too much testosterone in a female can cause her to feel stressed.

Over cultivating the masculine or feminine energy against your natural balance will cause unnecessary increase in cortisol levels (stress hormone).

This will affect your mood, happiness level, health, immune system, libido and so on.

Stress Release Methods:
Male: problem solving with wins, emotional detachment etc…
Female: expression of emotions, nurturing activities etc…

These activities will produce the relevant hormones to lower your cortisol levels (the stress hormones).

Try and experiment for yourself.


A man may avoid deep intimacy or connection as it’ll require him to move into emotions/feelings.

Masculine is logic driven, anything other than this is untrustworthy and won’t make logical sense.

The feminine is ever flowing, non-logic. You are happy one moment, sad the next, you say one thing and change your mind in the next moment, all of this builds distrust to the masculine.


The Masculine acknowledges and appreciates with logic.

The Feminine acknowledges and appreciates with emotions.


The masculine energy manipulates using logic.

The feminine energy manipulates using emotions.

All humans manipulate. Period.⁣⁣ And will do so, consciously or unconsciously, overtly or covertly.⁣⁣

Here is a difference which isn’t commonly known.⁣⁣

The masculine energy uses facts and figures to manipulate, where as the feminine energy uses emotions and feelings to manipulate.⁣⁣

Take two friends of the same gender, the one more identified with their feminine energy will use more emotions and feelings to manipulate.⁣⁣

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