This girl I like posted her workout video and then I did this…


It seems like the isolation has been tougher than I expected even though I am used to working from home for over 20 years, hence why skills with women were abysmal in the past.

I thought I was handing it, but I didn’t realise the weight on my shoulders until it got too much.

So I had a moment where I felt very unstable.

Then to top it off, there is this girl I like. She is smart, caring, into growth, and very very sexy, slender and curvy. Oh boy.

We’ve been chatting a little here and there, but she can be tough to communicate and engage with. She is not always good at responding, takes her hours or sometimes days.

And it feels like I’m always making an effort to initiate. Know what I mean? 

So recently she posted a video of her doing a workout, omg, she looked incredible. I wanted to burst through the phone and take her.

I was fully turned on; I felt like a raging bull. 

I wanted to reach out to let her know that I existed and for her to pay me attention ultimately. I wanted her to feel the same intense desire for me as I have for her. 

Now the old Faisal would not have handled this situation maturely. Instead, he would have responded to her video and commented on how hot she looks, trying to evoke a reaction from her.

BUT NO! I didn’t want to repeat my past mistakes and kill attraction.

So I do the most challenging thing I train myself to do, sit in my discomfort. I didn’t react because I was feeling needy, lonely and horny.

Yep, sounds simple, yet it is fu&king hard. Every ounce of my body had filled up with pent up sexual energy ready to pounce on her.

These are my feelings, and before I would be ashamed of them. If I shared it with a girl, she would say something like ewww or that’s disgusting behaviour. 

I know she’s only speaking from experience about the men she’s had to friend-zoned! 

I kept myself busy with work, she was still on my mind. I wasn’t prepared to cave in, no way! 

Then it happened, I came back from cycling, our one outdoor exercise allowed, and she had sent a text which read “How are you?”

I was mega excited, but then remembered to stay grounded. Patience paid off.

Let’s see what happens next week.

I’m not going to lie, it wasn’t easy, but if there is one thing I have learnt and seen from training men, needy behaviour is the number one attraction killer and a deal-breaker for women.

For us men, if she is hot and we want to have sex with her, it’s not a deal-breaker until further down the line or once we’ve had sex with her.

I am grateful for the work in my group called MASCULINE MASTERY that has given us the men power back. It’s about time.

PART 2 – A week later

We’ve sent a few texts back and forth, unfortunately, she’s been fairly non-responsive to most of them and it was difficult to get any connection with her. You know what I mean right?

This will happen with women, no matter how skilful you are, you will have to accept that some women will just not be into you. 

Before I decided to move on, I tested a few times just to make sure. After getting inconsistent connections, I then simply used the most powerful word you can use:


There are too many women in the world looking for a man to make a connection with, that it’s silly to get hung up on one. Let go and move on.

The old Faisal’s ego would have wanted to prove that I can change her mind. 

Yeah good luck with that, how’s it working out for you? 

My energy is better used in a mutual attraction connection, this is where I and most men have found the best results and most successes with women. It also demonstrates your high value and non-neediness. 

Too many of us get hooked onto one woman and then we become blinded by her.

We end up wasting so much time and energy unnecessarily chasing her. This time can be best used with responsive women to gain the experience necessary to advance your connection and communication skills.

I have also been keeping myself busy by finishing my ebook in dating. In the book, I mention how important it is to move on to start building success with women.

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