Valentine’s Is Over, Thank God

Valentine’s Is Over, Thank God

How did your Valentine’s weekend go? I’ve been hearing success and struggle stories from some of the Dating Intensive attendees.

One guy told me about a single’s dance event he went to on Friday night. He had fun and secured himself a date for later this week. Nice work. Let’s see what happens. Kudos to him for getting a number right?

Sometimes it can be challenging to get a girl to give her number, especially at dance events. Girls are constantly hit on indirectly by men, and when you ask for her number, she usually says “see you back here next week” or something on those lines.

This is why it’s essential to stand out from the crowd, even if your dancing is anything like mine. Girls call my dancing “dad dancing”, but I use that to my advantage, and it works.

Why? Because I’m not afraid to express what is important to me. This demonstrates I don’t need her approval.

On the other side, some of the guys stayed in. By staying in; you are less likely to meet girls or even other cool people.

But I hear you.

I remember years ago I used to hate valentine’s day when I was single. I had no one to go on a date with, so I was home alone, feeling sorry for myself.

It didn’t help when scrolling through social media; I saw pictures and videos of the guys I knew having fun.

I felt massively left out and lonely.

Over the years I’ve realised I had been missing out so much of life by not working on building friendships.

Did you know one of the primal needs for men is a TRIBE according to Dr. Steve Peters? Men really grow and excel amongst other great men and women. We need people to push us.

Social connections are therefore as essential for a man as much as sex is, our other primal need.

Social connections really help you improve your interactions with girls provided you are being supported and pushed in the right direction.