One-on-One Life Coaching


You want to make a lasting impression that she won’t forget that leads to a date, relationship or even marriage.

Or maybe you want to move through life with authority and command a room with your presence.

Whatever you desire, it all begins with a vision followed by the right coaching to make it happen.

I’ve helped hundreds of men just like you elevate from the “Nice Guy” to the “Charismatic Confident Man” that women desire, have extremely fun dates, have a thriving sex life and feel powerful as a man.

One-on-one coaching gets you there fast.

Adnan Ebrahim

Adnan Ebrahim

Angel Investor, Former CEO of

“Faisal has proven to be a tremendous coach and mentor for me over the years that I’ve been working with him. He effectively guided me through both business and life challenges using his huge wealth of personal and professional experience. Not only is he understanding of any situation I throw at him, but also extremely kind and warm-hearted. It’s been a real pleasure getting to know him and I thoroughly recommend his services to anyone starting off on their own journey.”

Get Powerful Coaching To:

  • Build your confidence from the inside out and stand as a strong charismatic man.
  • Attract, connect and date women like most men cannot.
  • Overcome approach, first impression, conversation, flirtation and needy behaviour problems that kills attraction and connection.
  • Learn how to enter the dating world after a breakup.
  • Let go of worry and anxiety to bring calm to your world.

The Coaching Journey & Principles With Faisal Khokhar

Life Coaching by Faisal Khokhar

Charismatic Confidence

  • Detox Mind & Body
  • Gorilla Mindset
  • High Value & Status
  • Magnetism Charisma
  • No More People Pleasing

Charismatic Attraction

  • Sexual Attraction
  • Approach & Rejection Proof
  • Flirtatiously Funny Conversations
  • Seductive Body Language & Tone
  • Dating, Sex & Intimacy


  • Vision & Clarity
  • Sustainable Success Habits
  • Accountability Momentum
  • Tribe
  • One-on-One Coaching