Attract And Confidently Date Women Without Getting Friendzoned

Discover the secrets to attracting and connecting with beautiful women without using cheap tactics, gimmicks, or time-wasting manipulation. Instead, learn the authentic strategies that support longer-term success and positive self-esteem.

I reveal the system that allowed me to evolve from a socially awkward introvert tech-geek into a confident and charismatic leader. This naturally resulted in me attracting the most gorgeous, smart, confident and loving women you can imagine…And what heterosexual man wouldn’t want to attract the women he has always desired?

I’ve been an international coach and speaker for over four years and during this time have helped thousands of men become more confident and successful in attracting the women they desire.

Night Out With Faisal Khokhar

Night Out With Faisal Khokhar


In that time, I’ve come to the conclusion that absolutely any man can build the type of confidence and charisma that attracts women and in turn the opportunities that come with this… even if they currently hold the belief that this is not possible for them and that the most desirable women are far beyond their reach. Allow me to prove you wrong!

The science behind natural attraction is actually more simple than most men imagine. So why are so many of us failing at dating the women of our dreams?

Misconceptions about women. Lack of confidence. Lack of self-awareness and time spent accumulating a catalogue of unhelpful beliefs and behaviours are all way up there on the list. Many men (although being very successful in most other areas of their lives) haven’t completed a personal audit and are unaware of many personal blindspots. This, in turn, leads to habitual pitfalls like always landing in friendzone with women. Take this approach to the other extreme and men can come across as being too self-centred, cold, distant and uninterested.

 These are just a few of the things I teach:

  • Learn The Surprising Secrets Most Men Will Never Know About Attracting The Most Desirable Women.
  • Discover The Secrets To Starting Conversations And Initiating Dates Without Getting Stuck In The Friendzone.
  • Learn The System That Can Transform You Into The Confident Attractive Masculine Man That Drives Women Crazy.

 Imagine your life with

  • Anxious Free Dating Success.
  • Be Confident In Any Encounter.
  • Effective Approach To Attraction.
  • Flirt Without Being Creepy or Needy.
  • The Secure Knowledge Of Making A Confident First Move And Holding Her Attraction.
  • Standing Out From The Crowd And Having The Ability To  Draw Women To You.
  • Being Consistently Desirable And Rejection-Proof.
  • Having A Strong Masculine Foundation.
  • Enjoying A Thriving Social Life.


  • No More Lonely Nights.
  • No More Feeling Unworthy.
  • Nore More Chasing Women For Approval
  • No More Overthinking and Obsessing About One Girl

Men from around the world come to me with two distinct struggles: Not knowing how to make a date happen and not having the confidence in initiating a date.

I believe that all heterosexual men desire a beautiful, emotionally stable, healthy and joyful woman in their life. They want a woman that loves them passionately and that they can also love deeply.

I also believe that all men desire to be strong, confident, unfuckwithable heroes that are respected, admired and highly desired by women.

John Eldredge outlined this sentiment very eloquently in the following quote — ‘Deep in his heart, every man longs for a battle to fight, an adventure to live, and a beauty to rescue.”

But what we deeply want and what we get can be two different things, especially if we haven’t first established the nuts and bolts of what makes successful dating happen.

We tend to learn first from school or from our parents about social and emotional intelligence. These early experiences can shape our confidence, courage, masculinity, communication skills, leadership, sense of attraction, dating skills, relationship success, body language and proficiency with intimacy, hence why many of us don’t gain success in these areas until a lot later on (depending on the quality of our early experiences). This can also be the reason why seduction is a mystery to us!

It’s not surprising then that many men struggle to live their lives as the value-driven man they desire to be and why so many also feel disillusioned when it comes to chatting to the women they are attracted to.

I work with some of the brightest, most successful men around. Yet these are also men who feel at a loss when it comes to dating. Despite possessing exceptional skills in their business life they project a dating life that is far different:

  • ”I’m not confident enough to chat to a woman I am highly attracted to. I just freeze.”
  • ”I don’t want to approach an attractive woman because she’ll reject me and I’ll look foolish.”
  • ”I keep getting rejected, it’s embarrassing and destroying my confidence.”
  • ”My dating successes online and in-person are non-existent. The few responses I do get are from women I have no interest in.”
  • ”I don’t know how to start a conversation without getting into the dreaded friendzone.”
  • ”I feel like an idiot when I do start chatting to a woman I like and the conversation quickly fizzles out. I don’t know what to do.”

When The Men Delve Deeper They Say:

  • ”I think about her all the time but it seems impossible to initiate a date with her.”
  • ”I feel hopeless and have lost the confidence to keep trying.”
  • “I just want an attractive and loving woman who likes me for who I am.”
  • ”I am a loving, genuine and caring man but have no idea how to get close enough to the woman I desire in order for her to see this”.
  • ”I feel lonely, like a failure and not good enough.”
  • ‘I feel like I am going to be lonely for the rest of my life or end up with a partner that I am not really attracted to.”
  • ”I’m struggling inside, I have nobody to share my life with and I’m embarrassed that I struggle with women. Why is it so complicated?”
  • ”I shouldn’t have to struggle. I don’t want to struggle anymore but I don’t know how to fix it.”

I’ve heard these struggles expressed many times and I know the consequences too well. These are the kind of things I used to say in my head for many years. I broke this cycle over six years ago by combining many hours of professional study with practical implementation. Over this period I began to build a strategy for dating success. I am now keen to share these methods with other men who also have had a lot to offer the women they desire and deserve to reap the same rewards.


Don’t Laugh!

I am embarrassed to write this publicly, but here it goes.

I really sucked at human interactions, especially when it involved women. Well, what do you expect from a guy who had spent over 25 years locked behind a computer screen? I had learnt the language of data very well but was clueless about the language of love.

I could interact fairly well with people I had grown to know from my childhood but I was far from charismatic when it came to meeting new people. I felt very awkward and knew that I wasn’t socially clued in.

When meeting strangers I would get anxiety and all I wanted to do was hide. It was so bad that I would even get anxious about asking a supermarket assistant which aisle the tomato puree could be found in. Instead, I would end up coming back home with just tomatoes and then have to bash away at them while yelling in an Italian accent. There, that’s the puree done.

When it came to going up to a girl I fancied for a chat, that never happened. The End.

If I talked to a girl it was out of circumstance and not because I initiated it. When this happened it was a one-sided conversation and when it was my turn to talk it sounded like I was reading out the software user licence agreement to her.

It was awkward, dry, and ended fairly abruptly. It was like mentally she was hitting the CANCEL, CANCEL, CANCEL button repeatedly to get it over with.

That felt horrible. I felt worthless and it put me off trying again.

On the occasions, I did get to speak to a girl I fancied I would presume she felt sorry for me and that’s why she made the effort to converse with me. My responses to her were logical and to the point. This took the conversation nowhere and I felt I couldn’t ask her out on a date. To put a finer point on it, my flirting skills wouldn’t even have turned on a computer mouse let alone a woman.

If she happened to like me, I was atrocious at reading the signals. Unless it was explained to me in writing, I didn’t catch onto a girl liking me and always presumed she didn’t. I’ve since learned that you need a certain amount of social and emotional intelligence to be better at reading this.

It wasn’t a requirement to have emotional intelligence when I worked with computers so I never really bothered working on it.

Fast forward to the present and things are very different. I now enjoy a very dynamic social life and have dated many beautiful, intelligent and loving girls that I used to think were out of my league. Has my social anxiety gone?  Emotions don’t go away, however, we can learn to manage our emotions so that they don’t have a big hold on us anymore.

Emotional intelligence helps you to flirt eloquently. On the other hand, if you try to use logic to flirt it just feels creepy.

Enough was enough.

I had enough. No more battling my inner critic and letting fear overrule my life. I committed to changing my life, my circumstances, and my future. Nothing was going to stop me.

One day I decided to turn around how I showed up as a MAN. Then everything in my world changed. Now you can put me in any environment like a party, networking event, meeting, social gathering, public speaking event and I’ll feel at ease (apart from extreme theme parks, no thank you).

Life is very different now.

Years on, I help men build a solid internal foundation. This permeates into genuine confidence, drives purpose, and forms meaningful connections that result in living a richer, more fulfilling life.

I’ve helped 1000s of people, including European Ministers, Entertainers, Company Founders and Investors. I share my wealth of life experience and insights into personal behaviour and dating through 1:1 coaching and seminars that I deliver throughout Europe and Asia.

I regularly speak on stages around the world, and the stage is the last place I thought I would be. I still get terrified before delivering a speech,yet I’ve now learned to work with that feeling and harness the inner belief in myself.

This is thanks to my commitment to grow, be open, and also willing to get support from my mentors, coaches and peers. Without them, I wouldn’t be where I am now.

One of the key concepts I have observed is that happy, wealthy and content men consistently have a kick-ass tribe of men around them.

I have also learned that before a man develops a stronger sense of self they may stumble through relationships due to reasons such as being over-mothered and under-fathered. These men can end up feeling very lonely.

Developing genuine respect and belief in ourselves is something that we all strive for and this confidence and inner belief is also extremely attractive to women. Put this alongside genuine interest and respect for others, as well as being emotionally intelligent and having a relaxed demeanour and you will be well on the road to dating success.

Most men don’t appreciate that they don’t have to be perfect to be attractive. In fact, perfection is a turn off as it feels inauthentic, it also adds unnecessary pressure to the situation.

To be successful in relationships we all need to be dedicated to self growth and stay committed to yourself.

A man that has a burning desire for life, ignites the flame in the heart of a woman.

The truth is that there are times I can still struggle. Even as a coach, it doesn’t make me superhuman. There are times I may not be feeling confident and nerves or self-doubt can cast their shadows on me. But the great thing is that I’ve also learned to recognise and accept the way I feel and in owning this feeling I am back in management. I’ve also experienced a positive reaction from women who tend to be more attracted to men when they are authentic and self-aware.

Women know we are not perfect. So you can stop putting so much pressure on yourself and on her. You don’t need 100% confidence to build attraction, you don’t need to be 100% romantic to romance her, you just need to be yourself and have your head in the game.

As long as you are working on getting your shit together then most women will appreciate this. For many women, this self-awareness is one of the most attractive qualities in a man. Authenticity is at the heart of your success. I know this having spoken to 1000s of women around the world as a Public Speaker and Workshop facilitator.

I’ve spoken in many women-only seminars packed with women who have all echoed this message: there are dating practices that are almost always universally successful! So if you are experiencing an unsuccessful dating pattern time after time then now is the opportunity to work on your growth and development. Now is the time to start investing in your personal branding and your dating success. So let’s get started…

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