Faisal Khokhar is an International Speaker, Coach and Father of two little men who is on a mission to help men evolve and enjoy life. He specialises in elevating confidence, amplifying charisma and deepening connections to thrive fully in love, life and sex.

He has spoken for international audiences including FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 companies such as Amazon and Asos. His path has taken him to diverse places and allowed him the opportunity to work with a myriad of people, including European Ministers, CEOs, Singers, Founders, Investors and many others.

He grew up as a computer nerd where he could hide behind the logical world of technology and avoid the emotional issues he and many men find challenging in modern-day life.

Mix this up with girls, relationships, marriage, divorce, kids, business and socialising and you can see how you have enough drama for Netflix!

But there was a silver lining which later became his powerful weapon; problem-solving.

He gladly shares his wealth of life experience from many years of 1:1 coaching and seminar to the stage in a light hearted, interactive and fun style.

His rich experiences in many different settings have greatly strengthened his ability to understand the needs of others and help guide them towards their success.

He is also renowned for his masculine and feminine coaching. He helps individuals align to their natural essence; creating harmony, peace and a deep understanding of themselves and each other at work and home. This has proven to be incredibly powerful when dealing with clients, partners, team members as well as in intimate relationships.