"Faisal has proven to be a tremendous coach and mentor for me over the years that I've been working with him. He's been able to effectively guide me through both business and life challenges using his huge wealth of personal and professional experience. Not only is he understanding of any situation I throw at him, but also extremely kind and warm-hearted. It's been a real pleasure getting to know him and I'd thoroughly recommend his services to anyone starting off on their own journey."

Adnan Ebrahim, CEO of Car Throttle

Excellent overview of male and female psychological differences, and the speaker was friendly and engaging. Lots of engagement from the room which was nice, and fun talk at the end about tantric too. Thanks very much!

Catherine (about Funzing Talks | Masculine & Feminine Energy)



Finally Understand Your Relationships & Get the Love You Desire

7th May, 6.30pm, 2019, London

Inside Relationships Turkey Retreat

18th-21st October 2019



Faisal is on a journey to inspire and passionately create transformation in the world, leading with an open heart and touching souls on the deepest level. He is the father of two young men, is an international speaker and a qualified NLP life coach. He works with men and women to help them align their life choices with the desires and values that matter most to them. He empowers men to live a truly authentic life from the heart to create a life full of freedom, love and connection.

He spent most of his life on autopilot: being run, moved and dictated by the circumstances and world around him. This meant wearing many masks to please every situation in order avoid rejection. This was survival mode driven by fear.

This lack of awareness and fear cost him dearly; his marriage, his family and his multi million pound business. The deep pain brought a gift, the universe had shaken him to awaken him. As Napoleon Hill said “Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit.” And he didn’t waste time planting.

Being a multipotentialite, one of his gifts was working with computers. As a computer scientist, his role was problem solving. For Faisal, it was a natural progression to move this skill to the realms of the human mind. In this workshop, he brings some of the skills, techniques and insights that have helped him and his clients transform their lives.

Faisal’s coaching experience, combined with speaking, holding workshops and talks around the world, have given him a multitude of valuable insights that he will share with you that create transformation, regardless of your culture, sex, location or status.



Coaching is a great way to get yourself started on a journey to improve your life fast.

You will gain the knowledge, tools, understanding and insights from my experiences and be able to implement these skills faster. Helping you to accelerate your life to truly living on your terms.

Your journey to Freedom and Connection is only a decision away. With my accelerated mentoring programme, we can cover any of the issues you feel are holding you back.

Thank you. I am with myself more than ever before. I really like your coaching and thoughts, they appeal to me and my mind.

Dr. Priyanka Sara, Specialist Registrar in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, UCLH



  • Michaela
    What an amazing evening! Ive never heard of masculine and feminine energy before so I was really curious what new I could learn. Oh my it was so interesting. I started to think of relationships or situations/conversations from a different perspective. It all made sense to me all of sudden! Everything was well explained with stories n cool exercises and I left with some powerful insights feeling hungry to read and learn about the topic more. Apart of that I met some lovely people and shared stories n had a great laugh. Highly recommended! Thank u Faisal! ;)
  • Julia
    Dearest Faisal, I had a brilliant time at your Masculine and Feminine Event. You have discussed interesting topics and have personally made me self actualise certain concepts for myself as a woman. I'm grateful to you in that respect. Incredibly courageous and brave of you to speak about some topics that most men will feel ashamed of. It is lovely to see you educate all genders about real life topics and how relationships are viewed so differently in our society. All the points that you have mentioned are very valuable to reflect on.
  • David
    A great talk and really well delivered. I got a lot of value from the evening. The exercises were particularly thought-provoking.
  •  Christina Blunsum, Actress, Dubai
    I attended a Mastermind class in Dubai this week, learning and understanding the differences of Male and Female Minds. It was very interesting and I believe your workshop will really change lives and will really raise and heal consciousness of the planet.
    Christina Blunsum, Actress, Dubai