“I used to be an anxious tech geek. Now, I help men struggling to stand out to get unshakeable confidence and masculine charisma that authentically attracts women and opportunities. Funny how life turns out.”

Faisal Khokhar is an International Speaker, Men’s Coach, Author and Father of two boys.
Attract Women Like A Greek God Without Looking Like One


“Attract Women Like A Greek God Without Looking Like One”

Build A Powerful Connection With Any Woman Using 19 Of The Most Powerful Attraction Principles Used By The Most Charismatic And Confident Men

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Stefano Guerriero, Actor

“I can feel my growth and I can see it in the way people are behaving with me. I feel confident and I’m not afraid to speak my mind or to be in social interaction. It feels liberating.”

Tony Robbins

Nice Guys Finish Last, Feel Lonely & Stay Angry

Being a “nice guy” is good right? WRONG!! Sort of.

A “nice guy” tries hard to present a flawless image of being a great catch, not wanting to be like the other men, the macho jerks or bad boys. Outsiders think he seems to have it together but behind closed doors, it’s anything but nice, calm or peaceful.

  • A “nice guy” cannot build attraction let alone build a meaningful and deep relationship with a girl, at home or at work.
  • His sex life is non-existent or if it is active, he feels lonely and there is always that deep craving for that someone special.
  • Dating sucks online and offline, he just can’t seem to match or attract the woman he desires. This makes him feel dismayed, frustrated, even angry.
  • When he finally musters up the courage to meet that someone he finds attractive, he usually ends up in the friendzone, being rejected or worse, feel invisible.
  • Nice guys cannot say “NO” and go out of their way to help people so they can be liked, adored and respected. In the end, they feel used and resentful.

Does some of that ring true for you? Then you are not alone. I’ve been there along with many of the men I work with and the news is good, very good in fact.

Scott Mooney, Coach

“Faisal has worked diligently at cultivating his mastery of the dating world. His results speak for themselves and the fun that he is having in life gives us a lesson on how we can live with fun and authenticity.”

Sadly, a “nice guy” finishes last because he had to learn as a child to put his needs last.

It’s not his fault.
Enough is Enough.

Faisal Teaching With Dr Robert Glover
Faisal Teaching With Dr Robert Glover

There is a light at the end of the tunnel for you, phew!

Everyday, I help guys in your position to easily recover/evolve from the “Nice Guy Syndrome” and quickly start living a confident, rich and deserving life as a Man and get the girl.

“Nice guys” are really sensitive, caring and great men that were deeply hurt when they were young, that’s all. They just need a bit of support to get them through this.

You don’t need to go it alone and experience that suffering. When you feel like you have nobody in your corner who has your back, it’s a very lonely place. 

My role as a coach is to put you back in that position of power. I’m very passionate and thankful for the work I do, seeing men become strong and confident is very gratifying.

Ask me how to elevate your confidence, charisma and attraction:

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Faisal Teaching With Dr Robert Glover
Faisal Teaching With Dr Robert Glover
Faisal Khokhar speaking at ASOS
Faisal Khokhar speaking at ASOS
Faisal at MEN's Work London
Faisal at MEN's Work London
Faisal Khokhar on the eHarmony Show
Faisal Khokhar on the eHarmony Show
Faisal Khokhar on the eHarmony Show

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