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Faisal Khokhar is a global speaker and coach. He has helped countless people recognise their true ability on their path towards making their dreams a reality, feel connected and loved.

He is passionate about aiding men’s development and helping men to address emotional and psychological wounds that can manifest themselves destructively in relationships, business and life.

Adnan Ebrahim CarThrottle
Adnan Ebrahim, Angel Investor

Not only is he understanding of any situation I throw at him, but also extremely kind and warm-hearted. It’s been a real pleasure getting to know him and I thoroughly recommend his services to anyone starting off on their own journey.

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Dating For Men by Faisal Khokhar
Dating For Men

Learn “How to Attract and Confidently Date Women Without Getting into The Dreaded Friendzone”

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Discovery Strategy

We all need a little extra push now and then to get us going in the right direction. Book yourself a free discovery session and let’s explore exciting possibilities.

Life Coaching by Faisal Khokhar
Life Coaching

Powerful Coaching is the best way to improve your life dramatically and quickly.

Masculine Mastery
Masculine Mastery

Brotherhood of men reshaping ourselves to be the masculine leaders of today and tomorrow

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